Saturday, March 17, 2018

How'd you like to have your work published for free and not by a vanity press

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Yes, I was munching Pretzel Rods as I submitted.

Welcome to Bareback Press.

I submitted a no. of poems and short fiction.

Also told the editor he or she could hear my poetry on You Tube here

Be sure to listen, Dear Reader. Pay no attention to my wild hairdo. 

How did I find this? I always study where people have published their work.

Am listening to the below from my red couch. 

Celebrate the new generation of Doo Wop performers as the original legends reunite to pass the torch. Performers include Kenny Vance & the Planotones, The Duprees, The Whiptones, Charlie Thomas' Drifters, The Modern Gentlemen and many more.

View The Modern Gentlemen on YouTube here

Channel 12, of course. Biking while watching. My butt really hurts on my bike so I'm trying something new.

Next time I'll sit on a thick towel.

Wanna write a poem about looking out the bathroom window.


Shut the lights with a click
Stand on tiptoes and watch
the goings-on of the heavenly bodies
in the darkness.

So many tiny pinpricks dot
the sky. Connect the dots
and you'll have the constellations
the ancient seafarers watched by night.

Stephen Hawking left the earth
yesterday, only 76. What a fight
he put up. Loved teaching folks
about the cosmos. He left his mark.

O hoary, ancient universe, that
created every little thing
from buttons to bunnies
to coffee cups to me's and you's

Let's pray that the lord above
knows what he's doing.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Cuppa Java Sure Tastes Good - Portion Control on Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti and Sauce with no added sugar, yes I read the labels. Sprinked with Parm Cheese for protein.


Celebrating the completion
of a long project, The Compass
Magazine, I drove to McDonald's
to get a cuppa java.

Michael, an Asian, waited
on me. He showed me all
the sizes and I elected

74 cents he said.
Whew, I thought, I can
actually afford that.
Poured out the change
onto the counter, while
smelling cheeseburgers - why not?
and the aroma of French fries.

I like everything about
McDonald's coffee, made with
Arabica beans, it says on
the cup.

Nothing's wasted. Info's
on the cup. One thing wrong,
of course. Nothing is perfect.

Couldn't figure out how to
drink it in the car, poking
my fingers into this slot
or that.

Imagining spilling the
Caution Hot Contents
All over my coat

Sure tastes good, though,
sitting by the window
at home and staring out
at the cold March day.

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The Compass should be out next week.

I've been waiting so long, I suppose I can wait a little longer.

Checked this outa the library. If I lose it, I owe the library $50 plus. Once I lost a book by Wallace Stegner, paid the price, and found the book a week later. Too late for a refund. That sounds like a good country tune.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Will Easter Island survive climate change? Poem: Sailing

Easter Island, off the coast of Chile, is eroding, says the NY Times.

Many photos via 'drone video.'

Drone photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or, more commonly, as a drone.

The Japanese have donated money to build a sea wall.


More from the Times story

HANGA ROA, Easter Island — The human bones lay baking in the sun. It wasn’t the first time Hetereki Huke had stumbled upon an open grave like this one.

For years, the swelling waves had broken open platform after platform containing ancient remains. Inside the tombs were old obsidian spearheads, pieces of cremated bone and, sometimes, parts of the haunting statues that have made this island famous.

Ringing it are scores of moai statues and their platforms, called ahu.

Archaeologists believe the moai represent the ancestors of the islanders.

Polynesians discovered the island 1,000 years ago.

Image result for kon tiki boat   Kon tiki boat, captained by Thor Heyerdahl.

Interesting lecture about this here. 54 minutes long.

Let's watch together. Just bought some Snyder pretzel rods today. We can share.

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It made me feel thirsty and wishing for inner peace.
The captain of the voyage, great grandson of Thor Heyderdahl
learned as they sailed to tame the ship. Made of balsa
wood, like a stubborn toddler, it refused to tow the line.

The men refused to give up. With saws, they bent it
to their will, to sail the same route as Great Grandad did.

At the end, the Captain said, I must be at sea to feel
inner peace. To be surrounded only by water, the fish
and the dome of the stars.

And YOU, Dear Reader, what gives you inner peace?

Barbara Postel Obit - 1938 - 2018


Barbara Postel, artist, 1938-2018 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.“
                                                                                              - Pablo Picasso

This was not the problem for Barbara Postel, a life-long artist, born in Queens, NY. 

As a child, Barbara Frances Postel had all the art supplies she needed along with a bounty of
curiosity to explore the world around her. Color and shapes fascinated her and before she
could read, she was wielding crayons and studying the stars and constellations.

She had entered the world of the artist yet she loved physics and majored in this abstract form of
mathematics in high school, winning a coveted award. As a young woman, Postel became a
National Merit Scholar and secured a scholarship to the Community College of New York.

Her beaming cityscapes won her acclaim early in her career from her mentors at the Art Students
League, but it was with her teacher, Henry Hensch, at his Cape Cod studio, that she fell in love
with the natural world and embarked on what would be a lifetime devotion to the landscapes
around her.

Her teachers raved about her. Postel was written up by prominent art critic, Lawrence Campbell, who
wrote, ...” a promising figurative painter, she can paint anything as expertly as anyone.” Good
reviews bolster the confidence of young artists and Postel was no exception. With her
expressive voice, she called everyone she could think of to rejoice with her. "Bravo” …..for
your splendid landscapes,” said Joseph Hirschfeld in 1970, "you have a gift for original
landscape - structure in abstract form.”

“Barbara is an inventive, creative and ingenious person and has combined all these elements
in a bold, geometric and abstract way,” said H.W. Peschel of the American Institute of Architects.
“…a  powerful landscape: Dark swirls shot through with streaks of light capture her impressions of a stormy sky; broiling waves of color render her relationship to rocks and water,” said Carole Goodale of “Art and Science” in 1986.

A lifelong adventuress, she was awarded the Edward G. MacDowell prize that took her on
travels around the world. She imbibed the cultures of France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Puerto
Rico and Nigeria, which all fed into her artist’s furnace. Everything excited her. With her
hazel eyes and thick black hair, she was fearless, afraid of nothing.

When she passed on March 6th, at age 80, she had produced hundreds of strong and stunning
works documenting her beloved subject of Nature. Rocks, rushing streams, brooks and
boulders which made up the landscape of her home of 25 years in Point Pleasant were
echoed in her vibrant skillful paintings. She and her husband of 43 years, Carlos Guerrero,
created a sanctuary of wildlife which Barbara captured in her works.

Postel designed her light- filled house and studio as an extension of the outdoors with large sunny windows and inspiring views. Often visitors would find her and Carlos moving rocks and boulders to create the embrace of stone walls that surrounded their home and became subject for her next works.

Barbara was so vital and healthy most of her life that it was hard to believe when she fell ill
only 3 months ago.  "I thought I could just bring her home, feed her healthy foods and my
 devotion and she would recover,” Carlos mourned, but it was not to be.

"Dynamic, energetic, funny, full of life and exasperating," her friends wrote about her.

Dying is serious business and, says Carlos, "We were so grateful to have had supportive help. Our hospice nurses - especially our “angel”,  Adrienne - set up hospice care at home. Several friends kept
us company in this very trying time including family friends Jason , Mary, and Donna “When I
needed something, “ said Carlos, “they were there to help.”

The heavy snow fell around them creating a pure white canvas once again. Death was
whispering at the door.  Barbara whispered to her lifelong partner, “Carlos, I’ll wake up
tomorrow and look out the window.”

And that next day, she took her last breath. It was Tuesday, March 6, at 3:40 in the bright sunshine, with a smile on her face, looking out her window into the silent white snow, surely contemplating her next work.

A celebration of life for Barbara will be announced later. "We'll meet here at the house,"
said Carlos, "Right here among everything she loved."

View her many videos on YouTube. Enter her name in the search engine and be shocked
and surprised by this unforgettable woman, Barbara Postel. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thursday Garbage Day Returns


The snow rests on the ground
hard as marble
our green recyclables
are wedged on a mountain peak
in Darien, while the squirrel-
proof garbage can leans against
Mount Rushmore featured in
North by Northwest. Hurry, hurry!
Our garbage truck will
come huffing up the street, the morrow.
An unforgettable sound,
not quite like Callas in Norma
but more like Scuffy, The Tugboat.

Image result for scuffy the tugboat  Written, of course, by Gertrude Crampton.1909-1996. So she was 86 when she died. Is that right?

Image result for gertrude crampton   Gertrude Crampton. Ya think they called her Trudi? Born in NYC and died in Green Valley Arizona.

She led an important life!

Gonna go upstairs with my cuppa vanilla tea, no caffeine, and finish a short story for the Montco Writer's Competition.

Wrote my poem, which sister Lynn approved. I'd wrin Jana and asked if she knew the line length. I opined, OK, then I'll write 999 lines, as did Vladimir Nabokov in his Pale Fire. Sarah had recently told me that and it stuck in my mind like Bazooka Bubble Gum!

Hey, maybe that's the cure for all dem horrible memory diseases.